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T Twitter Accounts; 'Sweetheart' Convention Center Deal; More!

HUB-WIDE—Now individual T lines have their own Twitters: "Calvin Metcalf, a web developer and Code for Boston member who manages the accounts, said the alerts work through a computer program that takes data from the MBTA's real-time API and sends the information to the various Twitter accounts." []
SOUTH BOSTON—It all has to do with the potentially 1,200-room hotel that's part of the convention center's expansion: "He sees the makings of a 'classic sweetheart deal,' one that will effectively allow the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority 'to basically pick whomever they want' to put up the hotel and reap public subsidies that could be worth upward of $100 million." [Globe]
BROOKLINE—This June 21 there will be a walking tour of the city's "secret" stairways and paths: "On this walking tour of the paths, we will cover all the stairs and terraces that comprise the great circuit of pedestrian walks, from Summit Path all the way to Beaconsfield Path ending at the MBTA Beaconsfield station. The history of the paths, the architecture around them, and the story of the lost paths will be recounted." [Walk Boston]