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Finding Cheaper Rentals in Five Cambridge Neighborhoods

Our pals at Zumper have combed copious rental data in five Cambridge neighborhoods to suss out their "cold pockets"—those enclaves where the median 1-BR apartment rent is not just lower, but significantly lower than the same figure for the neighborhood as a whole. Pretty neat, eh? And pretty necessary given the annual Thunderdome rental season upon us now.

Above is Mid-Cambridge, where the median 1-BR rent is $2,225 and the cold pocket of just under $2,000 is just southeast of the main public library branch.


West Cambridge's cold pocket is apparently on its west side: $1,975 vs. $1,850.

In North Cambridge, a particularly hot cold pocket ($2,000 vs. $2,420) clusters around Cedar Square near Mass. Ave.

Down in Cambridgeport there's another hot cold pocket ($2,200 vs. $2,749) around the intersection of Pleasant and Prince streets.

In Neighborhood Nine, the median 1-BR rent is $2,195. In the cold pocket around Taylor Square? $1,885. Now you know.
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