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Coming Soon to a Public Space in Boston Near You

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The city on Wednesday evening revealed the winners of its Public Space Invitational, a contest that drew 72 ideas for new designs and features for the city's shared areas. The nine winners now get up to $4,500 each (plus any private funding they can gin up) to turn their bids into reality. Above is what's billed as "Stairs of Fabulousness" for City Hall's decidedly un-fabulous interior. The nonskid tape will make the stairs "400 percent more fabulous."


Why stop at City Hall's stairs? "Lobby Sky" will turn part of the ceiling into a never-ending sky view via photography.

This winning idea will give a second life to old traffic light boxes: as the bases of public benches.

Go ahead and play on this furniture! "Chair City Mountain" is public seating meant to encourage just that.

Above is the Uni Project on Governors Island in New York Harbor. One of the winning bids in Boston hopes to bring a replica of the traveling reading kiosk here.
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