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You Can Now Rent the Lushest Penthouse in Boston

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The 3-BR, 2.5-BA penthouse crowning the Albert A. Pope Building at 221 Columbus Avenue is back on the rental market after a year. It's got 3,500 square feet on the inside and 3,500 square feet on the outside. (We've called it "Boston's most arboreal terrace" and we stand by that.) It's also got a tortured sales history, having dropped on that market in late 2011 for $7,200,000, only to see its tag sink below $6M before disappearing altogether.

The penthouse now wants $30,000 a month, what it was asking last year when it was apparently leased. That includes two garaged parking spaces and, while, yes, the asking rent does seem titanic, it makes Unit 800 at the Pope only the fourth-priciest rental on the Boston market right now. It's nowhere near as pricey as this puppy, for instance.
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Albert A. Pope Building

221 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA