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Cambridge's 23 Sparks Street Commands Bonkers Over-Ask

Sales over the asking price have been the norm in the Greater Boston housing market for what feels like an eternity now (why, "over-asking" was our Real Estate Word of the Year in 2013!). Every now and then, though, a deal comes along to put a big, pricey cherry on the trend. The deal for the 4-BR, 2.5-BA Colonial at 23 Sparks Street in Cambridge is one of those times. The house hit the sales market through Hammond on April 24 for $1,295,000. It closed five weeks later.

The 2,186-square-foot house dating from the 1860s commanded $1,500,000 in the end—or $205,000 over asking. 'Tis gobsmacking, yes, but consider this: Its neighbor at 66 Sparks went for $1,300,000 over asking last summer. Cheers.
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