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Shell of Somerville House Finds a Buyer in Five Days

There's a fire sale joke in here somewhere, but fire is no laughing matter. A blaze tore through 27 Dickinson Street in Somerville in September 2013. Luckily, the fire injured no one and authorities concluded it wasn't suspicious. It did, however, leave behind a shell of a house that had been the 4-BR, 3.5-BA dwelling of the same family for three generations. That family put it on the sales market last Tuesday (the listing photos are nothing but Somerville's Bravest the night of the inferno and the aftermath). As of Sunday, there was a deal pending.

The site was asking $400,000. We won't know the closing price for a while, of course, nor will we know what the new owner's plans are for the property. There may be the opportunity for a small apartment or condo building (the previous single-family had an in-law apartment). Or the site could be reborn as another house. Stay tuned.
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