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What $2,400 a Month Rents You in Somerville

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'Tis prime rental season in the Hub's Thunderdome apartment market. So we bring you a selection of units in game-changing Somerville asking $2,400 on the dot. It looks like one might get three bedrooms if one looks hard enough; and there are little triumphs such as fenced-in yards and back porches. Parking, too, always a good thing to have hereabouts. We start with Unit 2 at 100 Raymond Avenue near Tufts. It's a 3-BR, 1-BA spread over 1,150 square feet with one parking space included and two porches as well as a fenced-in yard.

Unit 2 at 86 Sycamore Street is another 3-BR, 1-BA; and it's about halfway between Davis Square and Assembly Square. There are two porches, and the bathroom was recently renovated. (Note: Its listing does not give square footage.)


The 3-BR at 68 Trull Street near Broadway and Medford Street covers two floors and 1,100 square feet. There are no listing photos but said listing does speak of a free W/D.

And a 2-BR! But with two bathrooms. Unit 207 at 100 Fellsway West dates from 2012, and it looks it. Laundry comes included, besides, and there's a microwave, too.
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