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Boston Condo Sales; Somerville Eco-Friendly; Hub Hotels

BOSTON—David Bates reminds us that the dog days are not always so slow home-sales-wise: "In 2013, more Boston condos found buyers in July than in Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov or Dec." [Twitter]
SOMERVILLE—It sold out fast: "At 57 Endicott Avenue, just off Teele Square in Somerville, GFC built a contemporary-style three-unit eco-friendly building whose exterior was clad with red corrugated steel in a neighborhood of two-family wood homes." [Herald]
BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—We're talking eight in 10 rooms booked a night at around $250: "Occupancy of Boston and Cambridge hotels is expected to remain steady through 2015 as nightly rates continue to climb and several new establishments enter the market." [Globe]