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Boston from Space; Cambridge Land Seizure; Seller's Market

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HUB-WIDE—Above is a photo of the region from the International Space Station. [h/t]
CAMBRIDGE—The city may seize land from the family that owns the Fresh Pond Mall "as a solution for the dangers of crossing a large, busy parking lot to get to public transportation. City officials said the lot owners have been unwilling to work with the city on making the trip safer." [Day]
HUB-WIDE—You're too late, sellers, party's over! "So after years of fence sitting, some sellers are taking the plunge, hoping to snag a buyer while prices are still rising and the market is hot. However, whether they know it or not - and here's betting most don't - sellers are hitting the market just as it starts to shift. Sure, it's still a seller's market, especially in Cambridge, downtown Boston and the pricey inner suburbs, but there's a lot of real estate beyond 128." [Real Estate Now]