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Brick and Yard Is What You Prefer in a Cambridge House

This Real Estate Deathmatch was a blowout. Recall that we pitted two identically priced homes near Harvard Square in Cambridge against each other. One, 25 Banks Street, offered five bedrooms and two bathrooms, though its listing admitted the spread "has been well maintained but is not updated." The other, 61 Larchwood Drive, had four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms and windows that ran to 9 feet tall.

Sixty-one Larchwood also had a lot more yard as well as a lot more exterior brick. We think that those were the tipping points. Per one reader: "My issue with 25 Banks is you're *bang* up against the next house. You could watch TV in your next door neighbor's living room!" Per another: "I don't have any clue where either of these two homes are located but I would go with the nicely done brick home, appears to be original from the exterior and has a garage..."

Anyway, the results were thus: 79 percent for 61 Larchwood and 21 percent for 25 Banks. Both, again, are asking $1,500,000. Madness.
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