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The Direction of Boston Apartment Rents in Early '14? Up.

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Our pals at RentHop have crunched data for the first six months of 2014 to track the median apartment rents in several Boston neighborhoods. Not stunningly, rents increased in most spots from January to June, though they were static in one area in particular.

In the Seaport District, the median apartment rent increased 2.72 percent to $2,927.50. In South Boston, it went up 6.69 percent to $2,483.12. The South End saw a similar jump, to $2,600. In Jamaica Plain, the median rent was up 3.17 percent to $1,625. In student-heavy Allston, it rose 3.23 percent to $1,600.

And! In Fenway/Kenmore, including Audubon Circle, there was no change in the median apartment rent from January to June. It stayed at $2,150. Why? RentHop speculates that it may be the higher student population, which generally leases through August.