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Fenway Park Bike Valet; Why Hub Homes Don't Sell

FENWAY—There's a new way to park your bike at the old ball yard: "Called the 'Fenway Park Bike Valet' program, the free service—something the Red Sox have been thinking about for quite awhile—will be located outside Gate D on the corner of Yawkey Way and Van Ness Street, where attendees usually file into the park to watch the games. The service will open two hours before the team takes the field, and close an hour after a game ends." [Daily]
HUB-WIDE—David Bates knows where to put in the lower offers: "[W]hen a house has been on the market a long time without finding a buyer, it's almost always a pricing issue. It might not be necessary to halve the price, but a drop in the price would almost certainly introduce the home to new group of ready, willing and able buyers—many of whom probably didn't even known the home was available." [Bates Real Estate Report]

Fenway Park

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