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Sorry, Boston Harbor's Grape Island Has Nothing to Do w/ Wine

Better Know an Island is a Curbed Boston Outdoors Week 2014 special feature detailing the many islands accessible from our mainland. Let's crush some Grape Island right now!

If you want a really off-the-beaten-path park, try Grape Island. It's about 54 acres at high tide, just over 100 acres at low tide; and, as you'll see from the photo after the jump, it's rife with nature trails, wooded walks and picnic areas.

Managed by the state, Grape Island is accessible throughout the summer via the ferry from Boston (by way of Georges Island) or Hingham. Alas, it's name has nothing to do with wine, though the isle sports all sorts of berry growth, including blueberries, elderberries and blackberries. Until the 1940s, in fact, Grape Island was a going agricultural concern.
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