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A Frustrated South End Home-Shopper Needs Your Advice

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From the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline:

We are South End renters who have been looking to buy for many months.What has been very frustrating for us, in addition to the low inventory and bidding wars, is how many condos are going straight to sale without ever going to MLS. One example is [a] penthouse [on] West Springfield which sold in the last few weeks for (supposedly) $400K more than they paid just a few years ago. We live a few doors up on this street and did not hear anything about it even being for sale and it never went on MLS!!! How do we get on this inside track?? We are also working with an established south end broker!!! What else can we do???

I wonder what percentage of condo sellers are bypassing MLS. Would be an interesting article, at least to us.
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