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Eastie Waterfront Condos; Beacon Hill Handicap Ramps

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EAST BOSTON—More details on 282 Marginal Street, the first new Eastie waterfront condos in donkey's years: "The contemporary design by Elizabeth Whittaker of Boston's Merge Architects has an unexpected exterior — black corrugated metal, red cedar planks and steel-boxed exterior frames with sides wrapped in stainless-steel mesh. Large front windows maximize un­obstructed views of Boston Harbor from all units." [Herald]
BEACON HILL—Hooray for simple human decency over NIMBYists: "Walsh informed about 125 Beacon Hill residents at a meeting Thursday night that the first 13 of more than 250 ramps will be installed in their neighborhood ... The ramps will be installed on Beacon Street, between Charles and Park streets, over the next few weeks." []