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Two Back Bay Condos, Each in Famed Buildings: Your Pick?

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Real Estate Deathmatch pits two homes from the same neighborhood/town against each other. We arm you with the facts and you imagine you have the money to purchase one or the other (come on, play along). Which would you buy? Polls open all weekend; results Monday. The contenders:

Address: 400 Stuart Street, #20A
Price: $3,450,000
Size: 3-BR, 3-BA
Square Footage: 1,796
Things You Should Know: The Clarendon spread has vus of Trinity Church, the Hancock, the Charles River, the State House and Boston Harbor. The tower's amenity bells and whistles come with.


Address: 1 Charles Street South, #PH202
Price: $3,400,000
Size: 3-BR, 3-BA
Square Footage: 2,296
Things You Should Know: Bigger and cheaper than its opponent, this penthouse in One Charles Boston also has its own gaga vus, including of the Zakim Bridge. There are also similar amenities.

Poll results

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