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Beacon Hill's Sunflower Castle Finally Lands a Buyer

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The impossibly quaint-looking house at 130 Mount Vernon Street in Beacon Hill has had a rough go of it since it dropped on the sales market in September 2012. Originally listed for $4,600,000, it endured various price-chops and also along the way shed two listing brokerages, ending up with Gibson Sotheby's.

We've heard that the interior needs a lot of work, whatever the charm of the exterior, which includes sunflower carvings under the eaves (which in turn helped give 130 Mount Vernon the nickname of Sunflower Castle; that and former resident, the watercolor artist Gertrude Beals Bourne, who rendered the space in a pre-World War I piece called the "The Artist's Studio—Sunflower Castle"). Regardless of its past struggles the last nearly two years, the house has found a buyer.

The 3,246-square-foot castle was last listed for $3,500,000 when it recently went under agreement. Stay tuned for the closing. Given what some people are willing to pay for the privilege of renovations, we wouldn't be surprised if it went for at or over asking.
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Sunflower Castle

130 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, MA