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Another Deep Discount for 110-Year-Old Chestnut Hill Estate

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The 15-room Clement S. Houghton House at 152 Suffolk Road in Chestnut Hill was designed in 1904 Chapman & Frazer, some of the leading draftsmen of the day. Think Back Bay as far as architecture. Only with lots more space between homes. Above is a photo of the manse in all its early glory. The 8,208-square-foot house on 1.6 acres recently hit the sales market for $3,450,000. Gobsmacking as that tag might be, it's $400,000 less than what 152 Suffolk was asking the last time it was on the market, back in June 2013. And! The new price is a staggering $800K off the original asking in May 2012. The architecture, however grand, is apparently just not doing it for prospective buyers. Stay tuned.
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