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Here's How Rent Declines the Farther You Get From the T

Our pals at RentHop have crunched some serious numbers to determine the premium placed on proximity to the T. Turns out that apartments closer to the region's subway are generally costlier than those farther away. At least to a point.

As you can see from the graph above, get about 1,800 meters from the T and median rents start to rise again. Why? Let RentHop explain: "When we extended the data out beyond 2,000 meters to the nearest subway we found an upward trend in rents from 2,000 meters out to 4,000 meters. We think this may be attributable to newer luxury buildings in relatively near suburbs of the city; there aren't many places in Boston itself that are 4,000 meters from the nearest T station."

Clearly, though, closer means pricier when it comes to the region's already high apartment rents. Again, RentHop: "We found that each additional meter lowers median asked rent by about $0.43; in other words, living 100 meters farther from the T would save you about $43 per month."

Plan accordingly.
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