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Waterfront's 55 India Street; Alewife's Silver Maple Forest

DOWNTOWN BOSTON—The Boston Redevelopment Authority is holding a community-input meeting this evening at its City Hall sounding board re: the proposed development at 55 India Street off the Greenway. Recall the development is slated to bring 44 condos ranging from 600-square-foot 1-BRs to 1,750-square-foot 3-BRs and would include 4,000 square feet of restaurant/residential space—all on a site that's now a small parking lot. [BRA]
BELMONT/CAMBRIDGE—Leaving the Silver Maple Forest in the Alewife area as is would economically outweigh converting it to parkland and condos, says this op-ed: "Though the multimillion-dollar price tag for this property is high, economic services now freely provided will more than pay back financial investments over the long term." [Day]

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