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More Buyers Are Signing On at Ink Block

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This area has come a long way, from the Herald office to parking lots to a high end urban oasis. The South End continues its glamorous onward march, dressed in steel and glass, as the Ink Block continues to unfold its plan of developing a block of hip condos and Whole Foods. And buyers believe in the concept, with strong sales to show for it. Just how strong, you ask?

Are people buying into the $500 million project? Three of the six planned apartment buildings -- aptly named Ink Block 1, Ink Block 2, and Ink Block 3, are slated to open in early 2015. What will the response be? Well, if sales of Sepia, the development underway to also open in 2015, are any indication, they'll be good. Sepia is already 60% sold.

National Development, the company behind the project, has their sights set on defining "Life, South End Style." They define this by creating luxurious touches that include floor-to-ceiling windows, skyline views, terraces, and private entrances for residents that don't want to enter Whole Foods from the outside.

Can the market absorb this incoming supply of luxury condos, in light of new projects like the Millennium Tower and the Christian Science Tower? Time will tell where the pendulum falls when they open.

Would you Think Ink? See if you'd sign your name after reading more about the project.

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