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Northwood Investors Stay Silent on Bay Village Property Future

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212 Stuart Street is a fickle property; it just can't seem to figure out what it wants to be. Northwood Investors finally seems to be making certain plans for a property with a historically uncertain past.

The company, who also owns the Revere Hotel, has recently torn down the property. But what is the plan for this lot, which currently holds nothing but a chainlink fence and the remnant of a church arch? Future unknown. Even the BRA website remains mum.

John A. Keith of Boston Magazine reports on the property's historical game of development hopscotch. The plans have been checkered, as evidenced by its history.


  • 1840: property built to house the German United Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Society church
    1999: Jae's restaurant closes
    2006: BRA approves teardown of 3-story property, replacement with 8-story condo and retail space -- nothing happens
    2007: Hera Development buys the property, proposes a parking lot and office space
    2012: Northwood Investors purchase the property
    2014: 212 Stuart property razed

The Church arch will remain as a historical testament and an ongoing prayer for a successful plan.

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