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A Tale of Two Cities Downtown; Millionaires in the Combat Zone

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Downtown Crossing glitters from the glass of new development, but its known past casts some shadows. Millennium Partners, a welcome investor in Downtown Crossing has invested heavily in the area, developing the Ritz Towers, Millennium Place, and the upcoming Millennium Tower.
And other lovely buildings on Washington Street accompany them: 660 Washington, Kensington, and the Devonshire--with more to come -- all help to pull residents into the area with plans to grab a latte at Caffe Nero or The Thinking Cup.

But there's another current at play in the area, that the Mayor is apt to fix. Despite the area's efforts to move past its seedy history as the Combat Zone, it still has a long way to go. Laura Crimaldi of the Globe covers the conundrum. "The block between Washington and Tremont streets is an urban mix of historic buildings, an adult book and video store, a day shelter for the homeless, and what police say is the site of multiple complaints and tips about "blatant drug use" and hundreds of drug arrests."

The situation doesn't seem to have any bearing on slowing down the pace of sales in the area. And things are improving. But this neighborhood may be the most striking example of high and low living in Boston.

· Drug trade heavy amid wealth near Boston Common [Boston Globe]