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What $2,500 a Month Rents You in South Boston

If there's a more game-change-y neighborhood in Greater Boston than South Boston, we don't know about it. Given its perennial popularity and the strong whiff of transformation in the air, the rental market in Southie remains one of the region's more competitive; and neighborhoods in general in these parts are especially competitive during the dog days of summer. So! To help your next search along, we culled South Boston apartments asking $2,500 on the nose to give you a sense of what that magic number rents.

We start with Unit 503 at 33 Sleeper Street just off the Fort Point Channel. It's an 860-square-foot studio and comes with W/D as well as central air.

A studio not your bag? How about a 1-BR, 1-BA at 538 East Broadway? But! At 450 square feet, Unit 5 is actually smaller than the studio at 33 Sleeper. But II! It comes furnished, right down to the coffeemaker.


This entire single-family at 147 West 8th Street is up for grabs. The 2-BR, 1.5-BA, 1,000-square-footer comes with a private yard and patio.

Here's another single-family for rent: a 2-BR, 1-BA, 826-square-foot spread at 569 East 3rd Street. Fenced-in backyard and brick patio included.

The 2-BR, 1-BA Unit 2 at 10 Mitchell Street unfolds over 750 square feet and has central air as well as a gas fireplace.
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