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The Prudential Center Complex Is Getting A Brand New Tower

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Back Bay is going to have a couple more cranes coming. Boston Properties, who just reported their earnings today, is proceeding to build out 888 Boylston, a new 17-story tower on a vacant lot in the 23-acre property.

Construction on the entire mixed-use complex began in the 1960s, and will conclude in 2016 (original permitting to build fell through in the economic downtime that was 2008). That makes this process longer than the Big Dig.

The now empty lot, next to the plaza of Hynes Convention Center, will gain 422,000 s.f. of total space, with 60,000 s.f. allocated for retail. While financial firm Natixis Global Asset Management has signed on to the new space, retail space has not been spoken for yet.

The building itself is impressive, with special attention paid to energy conservation. Floor-to-ceiling windows will result in workers inside not needing lightbulbs 60 percent of the time.

This will become the final quadrant of the four office towers in the development, which include the Prudential Tower, 111 Huntington Ave., and 101 Huntington Ave.

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