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Millennium Place Award; 'Risky' Hub Housing Market; More!

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DOWNTOWN CROSSING—The architects, designers and contractor behind game-change-y condo Millennium Place took home a Brick Industry Association award earlier this month. Call it a Brickie, maybe? [BIA]
HUB-WIDE—Nobody buy anything, ever: "In fact, we are far riskier than San Francisco, San Jose and even crazy, boom/bust Las Vegas, according to the Bloomberg, which teamed up with Zillow to come up with a list of the most historically volatile housing markets. Boston is No. 4 on the list, with home buyers standing a nearly 30 percent chance of losing money if they have to sell within five years..." [Real Estate Now]
BOSTON—The city's residency rule for municipal employees might actually be holding the workforce back: "Amended with more and more exemptions over the years since it was adopted in 1973, the residency law has more holes in it than the Red Sox infield. Time and again, mayors have bargained 'away' residency rules covering various employee groups in exchange for other contract terms." [CommonWealth]

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111