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You Do Not Care If Your Waterfront Condo Has a Deck

And, now, the results of our Real Estate Deathmatch.

This was a close one by Curbed Boston Real Estate Deathmatch standards. Still, the 2-BR, 2-BA spread at 500 Commercial Street edged out a similarly sized, similarly priced condo at 3510 Battery Wharf 59 percent to 41 percent. And! Unit 5 at 500 Commercial did so without a private terrace, of which the listing for Unit 510 at 3510 Battery Wharf so proudly boasts. The decisive factor may have been the condo fees: The Battery Wharf pad wants more than $2,200 a month, which includes Fairmount Hotel services (the 500 Commercial one has a fee of around $1K). As one of you put it: "I would never pay that condo fee for the Fairmount..." O.K. then.

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