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Boston Studios; Real-Time T; Cambridge Tourism; More!

HUB-WIDE—There may be an app now to track the T in real time: " was launched July 4 and the creator has invited users to critique and hack the app if they feel changes are necessary. Abetusk described the site as 'all free and open source.'" []
BOSTON—At least 50 municipal workers, including some big names, appear to live outside the city they're supposed to live in: "But there may be hundreds more violating the spirit of the law, if not the letter: Many School Department employees — nurses, psychologists, guidance counselors, and others — have been allowed to ignore the residency requirement and live in the suburbs." [Globe]
CAMBRIDGE—The city would like you to know it's more than Harvard and M.I.T.: "The Cambridge Office for Tourism is trying to capture a greater share of the state's $18 billion tourism industry by branding the city as more than its ivory towers. A new marketing campaign pumps up the city's eclectic neighborhoods..." [Globe]
BOSTON—A 1-BR? That's huge! "As rents approach stratospheric levels in many areas of the city, Boston is allowing construction of smaller apartments — studios in South Boston's Innovation District can be less than 450 square feet. But those who live in Tweet-sized units know it takes certain adjustments, and they have advice to offer — wisdom that even McMansion dwellers might find beneficial." [Globe]