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Take a First Look at the South End's Factory at 46 Wareham

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We've known for several weeks that something was going up in place of the old warehouse at 46 Wareham Street just below the South End's constructionpalooza. We've even known that it would be called the Factory at 46 Wareham. We now know a lot, lot more.

Holland Development Inc. wants to partially demolish four-story, 30,231-square-foot warehouse there now and craft a six-story, 62,215-square-foot residential building in its place (renderings above courtesy of the Boston Redevelopment Authority). The Factory at 46 Wareham would have 42 units, according to The Herald's Donna Goodison, and 9,400 square feet of ground-floor retail space; there would also be 52 underground parking spaces. The current property's front and west facades would remain in place.

It's not entirely clear if the 42 units will be condos or apartments, a question an increasing number of developers in Boston face. All should be revealed as the city's review process churns. Stay tuned.
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