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Why Nights in Boston Have Been Looking a Whole Lot Brighter

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Boston can be pretty uptight sometimes, what with its reputation for closing up at 2a.m. and all. What's a girl or guy to do when they want to roam the streets for fresh air after dark?

Do it and enjoy. Thanks to the New Urban Mechanics group, set up specifically to attend to city issues, there are new details that make city living a lot more amenable.

One of the most noticeable projects is the Northern Avenue Bridge, a metal structure that links Fort Point to the Financial District as it's lit with a rainbow of lights.

Another project is the series of illuminated street signs in Downtown Crossing, which cost $1000 each. There are 24 such signs in the neighborhood now. Part of the new Complete Streets Initiative, this project aims to help the streets of Boston seem friendlier to tourists and residents alike. Cow paths aren't always so welcoming as they meander around, aimlessly away from any grid system.

The group behind this is the Streetscape Innovation Fund (SIF), a $1 million fund charged with experimenting and rethinking city streets. Usually, experiments and government are two words not found in the same thought. But so far, there are visible improvements that are appreciated in those moments when a landmark is sorely needed to get home.
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