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DTX Millennium Tower Construction Update: Photo Report

[looking at progress through a chainlink fence/image courtesy of]

Millennium Tower is kicking up a lot of dirt.

With the massive hole filled in, the construction begins. Here are a few photos taken yesterday afternoon, courtesy of local blogger Girl Goes Downtown.

According to the DowntownBoston website, the Burnham Building restoration is on-track to finish in fall 2014, with Millennium Tower on-track to finish in mid-2016.

This summer is all about the boring but necessary steps: now that the pouring of the concrete foundation is finished, repaving Summer Street is next up.

It's a long way to 2016, when the Tower officially opens. We're just looking forward to seeing the mother of all time-lapse animation videos from all this (very much needed, and it's about time already) construction activity.
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Millennium Tower

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