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Design Museum Boston Is Giving Away 600 Pieces of Free Art

What are the chances that you're reading this piece in your home or office, and looking up to a sad, bare wall?

If that chance is more than zero, then you'll need some color in your life. And Design Museum Boston is just the giving institution to provide that art to you. For free.

Today only, 600 pieces of art by designer Rob Lowe (no, not the actor) a.k.a. Supermundane will be given out from 4-7p.m. today at the Museum's First Friday event. About 100 of these prints will be signed by Lowe, so that you can have a personalized work.

These artworks, in the form of flyers, will have complementary sayings on them, such as "I think you're wonderful." They'll also be complimentary, underscoring the idea that design and art is accessible anywhere. Get more details on the event here. And see you there.

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