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Marty Walsh Signs; Most Valuable Boston Condo; More!

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BOSTON—They shall henceforth join the ranks of the city's iconic signs: "While Menino's legacy will surely last forever—after all, Hizzoner was in charge for two decades—his namesake on some city property won't. Recently, Mayor Marty Walsh's administration finally started swapping out Menino's name from both trash receptacles and neighborhood welcome signs in parts of Boston." [Daily]
BOSTON—The city's most valuable condo is... [Bates]
SOUTH BOSTON—The dispute's over a city effort to up the number of days for residents-only overnight parking: "The goal is to stanch the flood of out-of-town visitors who commandeer patches of pavement, thus making spots available to local residents. But some residents argue the initiative does not go far enough and are calling for radical steps in a neighborhood held hostage to parking." [Globe]