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Robin Williams Bench; Beautiful Walks; NYC vs. Boston Rents

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—People continue to stop by: "Fans of the legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams, who died Monday, turned a bench where Williams and Matt Damon shared a scene in the classic Boston movie Good Will Hunting into a makeshift memorial Monday night, leaving flowers and writing quotes from the film on the ground." []
HUB-WIDE—What if? "What if you could develop an app that would tell people walking in a city, even people completely new to the place, the most beautiful way to get where they wanted to go?" [Globe]
BOSTON—The city beat the snot out of Gotham in rents. Yippee? "New York City's median rent, at $1,196/month, is somehow only sixth in the country, though, behind San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Boston." [Brokelyn]

Boston Public Garden

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