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Beacon Hill's 91 Mount Vernon Is Back and Cheaper Than Ever

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Deals like this don't stroll along ever day. When last we checked in with the grandiose townhouse at 91 Mount Vernon Street in Beacon Hill, it was November 2011 and the 5-BR, 4.5-BA was new to the market for the first time since 1998, asking $4,995,000 and making no apologies forthright. Then! It disappeared; then it reappeared; then it disappeared a second time; and then in April 2012 it reappeared yet again with a twist: The price had been chopped to $4,750,000. Nevertheless! There went 91 Mount Vernon and its giant deck again in July 2013, shuffling off the market without a buyer. The 5,182-square-footer with bones in the 1830s is back once again. It's still listed by Daniel A. Mullin. But! Its new price is thus: $4,500,000. For those scoring at home, that's three times removed from the market and twice price-chopped by a grand total of $495,000. Don't delay.
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