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Inside Porter 156; Mass. Yacht Club Rents; Boston Coolest

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EAST BOSTON—We already know that Porter 156 is one of the city's best-selling condo complexes of late. Now here's a peek inside its biggest unit. [Herald]
MASS.-WIDE—The state is upping the rents for yacht and boat clubs using public land: "The new rental system, being phased in over the next 12 to 18 months, will replace one-year permit rentals with 30-year leases and steadily increase the rents. It would also require the clubs to provide in-kind contributions as part of their lease agreements, with possibilities including picnic tables, public restrooms, bike racks, boating instruction, and local scholarships." [CommonWealth]
BOSTON—The city made a list of the coolest in the nation. Not so unhip after all, eh? [Forbes]

Porter 156

, East Boston, MA