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Inside the Severely Contemporary Condos of 535 East First

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The newly constructed condos at 535 East First Street in Boston's game-changing-est neighborhood have been up for grabs since shortly after the new year. But we haven't really had a chance to peer inside and see what they're all about. Above is a shot from Unit 7, a 1,640-square-foot penthouse with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The Otis & Ahearn listing describes it as "ultra contemporary." Agree? Unit 7 wants $799,000. It was listed exactly a week ago. Unit 8, a slightly smaller 2-BR, 2.5-BA, sold in June for $755,000. And Unit 4, a 1-BR, 1-BA spread over 675 square feet, went in a matter of days for $475,000 back in April.
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