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Walter Gropius Designed a Newton Mansion and It's Awesome

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Walter Gropius was the founder of the Bauhaus School in Germany who started a highly influential firm in Cambridge in the mid-1940s called the Architects' Collaborative. It was around that time that he designed the girthquakingly large mansion at 30 The Ledges Road in the Newton Centre-Chestnut Hill borderlands. It's No. 10 on our list of the most expensive mansions in Newton right now. It's also rather bonkers. The 12,625-square-foot modernist marvel includes five bedrooms and five full bathrooms as well as an indoor pool and a sauna that comfortably seats four; a skylight illuminates said pool. The interior in general is airy and clean-cut and no surprise given its architect. Finally, above everything and accessible via a dedicated staircase is what the New Brook Realty listing calls a "crows nest balcony" with views of Boston. All yours currently for $3,850,000.
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