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Boston's Manhattan Condo Prices; Dudley Square's New Art

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Newer luxury condos in the city's choicer spots could soon by going for Manhattan-like prices, including the 120 proposed as part of the mega-Boston Harbor Garage redo: "There's talk of these new skyline-topping condos fetching $4,000 or even $5,000 a square foot." Congratulations to us all. [Real Estate Now]
ROXBURY—Dudley Square's getting lots more public art: "... Mayor Walsh and the Boston Art Commission announced eight new pieces of temporary art for the area, aptly and collectively dubbed 'Pop Up! Dudley Connections.' Each installation in some form or another exemplifies an idea or elicits a sentiment that ties directly in with both Boston's deep-seeded history and sparkling future." [BostInno]

Dudley Square

Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02119