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Meet the Next Somerville: Everett

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'Tis no more game-changing single community in the entire region than Somerville. The Green Line extension is rolling in waves of gentrification and the city is trying to make it rain techies. If Somerville's morphing so much, which town or city is coming along in its doppelganger wake?

Alana Ferrari, property manager of the newish Batch Yard apartment complex, puts it this way to The Herald's Paul Restuccia: "Everett is what Somerville was 15 years ago." That's not really a compliment, of course, but more of a hope voiced. Whereas Somerville was long seen as the gritty appendage to Cambridge rather than the outright first choice it is today, many currently see Everett as the same thing when it comes to nearby Charlestown or Somerville.

Might, then, Everett be on a path already to the sort of change seen in its neighbor across the river, with its new coffee shops and craft breweries? It might, although that change may tarry. Case in point: After an initial wave of ambition upon its debut late last year, the Batch Yard has cut its asking rents by hundreds of dollars in some cases. Three-bedrooms, for instance, that had been asking $3,700 now want $3,545. Studios can be had for as low as $1,700. Damn near a bargain compared with Boston; but that's kinda the point.
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