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Is Roxbury's Old Stone House Not Long for This World?

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The 109-year-old single-family home at 34 Lambert Street in Roxbury went on the sales market just over a week ago. The 2,556-square-foot house comes with quaint flourishes such as cathedral ceilings in one of its five bedrooms and those lovely grey stones on its exterior (and interior in some parts). But within its listing is language that suggests 34 Lambert's loveliness is living on borrowed time. The listing notes that the "extra-large lot" it's on is zoned for a three-family development. Then comes this clause: "Great opportunity for Investors and Builders." Oh boy. Stay tuned. Thirty-four Lambert has been listed before recently, back in September 2013, when it wanted $829,000. That listing disappeared in May before its return this month. Now the whole shebang is asking $895,000.