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Assembly Square T Stop; Lawn on D; Comm. Ave. Bikes

SEAPORT DISTRICT—That new park ain't cheap—nor permanent: "The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority spent $1.1 million to build a lush open space in the Seaport District to host concerts, artwork and lawn games, but it will be usable for no more than two years before the acres of newly laid sod and rows of fencing are ripped up to make way for an expanded convention center." [Herald]
BOSTON—Maybe any redesign needs to incorporate cyclists' needs, then? "From 2010 to 2012, there were 70 bicycle accidents reported on the stretch of Commonwealth leading from the BU Bridge to Packard's Corner in Brighton. Seventeen of them involved car occupants opening doors into the path of cyclists. The crash that killed Christopher Weigl, the BU photojournalism graduate student who was struck by a turning tractor-trailer, occurred on that stretch, too."
SOMERVILLE—The 20th stop of the Orange Line is a-comin' fast: "An MBTA official confirmed Friday that the new Assembly Square T Station will be welcoming riders to the Assembly Row mixed-use redevelopment site real soon, so they can shop, peruse the Legoland display, and check out an array of eateries, without having to rely on a car to get there." [Daily]

Assembly Square Mall

177 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA