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What $2,500 a Month Rents You Right Now in Cambridge

On Tuesday we looked at what $2,500 a month rents you in Boston (basically: a 2-BR or bigger in a neighborhood that's not Back Bay). Now we gaze across the river to run down what that same magic number can nab you during this madhouse rental season in Cambridge. The options are pretty much similar to Boston, if a little snugger. And we would venture to say that $2,500 in Cambridge gets you closer to the T, which probably explains the snugger part: We all know now that proximity to the T comes with a premium.

Let's kick things off with Unit 1A at 516 Green Street. It's a 2-BR, 1-BA spread over 850 square feet and comes with built-in AC.


Unit 3 at 305 Elm Street is also a 2-BR, 1-BA, though a little smaller at 792 square feet. It comes with storage in the building's basement.

Another 2-BR, 1-BA, Unit 1A at 45 Trowbridge Street is 771 square feet.

Unit 11A at 205 Richdale Avenue has two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a private yard, 1,100 square feet and a W/D in-house.

Unit 1 at 91 Kinnaird Street comes with not only the table pictured above, but 1,000 square feet on the nose. It's got two bedrooms and one bathroom.
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