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Gaze Upon the Priciest Square Feet in Boston Condos

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We told you in late May about the closing price of the fabulously mysterious Unit 16A at the fabulously plush Carlton House at 2 Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay. The 2-BR, 2-BA, 3,098-square-foot, Public Garden-facing spread had originally been listed in October for a cool $10,000,000 without any listing photos (hence the mysterious bit). The photos were added and the price was chopped and the deal was sealed: $8,500,000. At the time, we noted that that closing would have made Unit 16A the priciest Boston condo sale of 2013.

Stats master David Bates informs us that the Carlton House spread represents, in fact, the priciest Boston condo trade of 2014 so far by square foot. The magic number to beat? $2,744.
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