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Report: Boston Is Culturally Inferior to Houston, Miami

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Our pals at PropertyShark are out with a new study ranking the nation's major cities in terms of the number of cultural institutions (museums, libraries, etc.) vis-a-vis population density. Boston ranks fifth, just ahead of cultural powerhouse Columbus, Ohio, but behind cities such as Houston, Texas, and Miami. Admittedly, fifth ain't bad when you consider the competition. Boston also scored rather highly re: the sheer number of cultural institutions.
Here's what PropertyShark had to say about the city specifically: "While it may be the second smallest city on our list (by area), Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S.—and it nurtures that legacy with a total of 536 properties dedicated to cultural activities, including its marvelous 1,019-seat concert hall and principal space of the New England Conservatory, Jordan Hall."

According to to the study, there is one cultural institution for every 1,188 Bostonians.
· Top 20 U.S. Cities for Culture: Cultural Venues Density Per City Population [PropertyShark]