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Chestnut Hill's Baroque Wonderland Continues Its Price Slide

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It's like the 18th century exploded in the 19-room interior of 6 Woodchester Drive on the Newton side of Chestnut Hill. Unabashedly ornate designs, cast mostly in a pinkish hue, adorn nearly every inch of its 7,385 square feet. There are also the typically bonkers flourishes you'd expect in one so gaudy: a six-piece marble bath in the master suite, a chandelier over the marbled foyer (marble!), a wine cellar, lots of groomed land about, an attached garage with au pair suite. Still, if it ain't baroque, don't fix it, right? Six Woodchester has been on the market for what seems like an eternity in today's Hub market. First listed in mid-October for $4,500,000, it has steadily chopped its price and yet remains unloved.

As of a week ago, after a $4K cut, the 4-BR, 6-BA bedecked wonder wants $3,995,000. Still enough to count it amongst Newton's 10 priciest mansions. Stay tuned.
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