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The Saddest Furniture for Sale During Allston Christmas

'Tis that unmistakable time again in Greater Boston: move-in weekend for legions of college students. What might they get—or give—for Allston Christmas? We scanned the ads on Craigslist's Boston site, scavenging for the saddest pieces of furniture and gadgetry for sale in Allston proper as the long weekend dawns. What makes it sad? The functionality of it, for one; this is not stuff chosen for aesthetic value. The price for another; no items herewith will run you more than 40 quid. The used-ness of it, too; these are possessions being paid forward in a way, released now as surely as their buyers this weekend will sell them next Allston Christmas.

We begin with this lone glass shelf, yours for $5. Only a year old.

Lack any other means of basic mathematics? This HP12c Financial Calculator is yours for $10.

These plastic containers retail for $8 each or $16 together. Cash only.

This two-tier stand is, as its ad assures us, "in good condition." Asking? $10 cash.

Not keen on a brand-new dish rack from Target for $15? This one's yours for the same amount.

This $20 TV stand is already conveniently out the door.

The "vintage kid doll highchair" wants $40.

This computer desk is blue on one side and pink on the other. It also has, the seller says, a "tray for keyboard, but I removed the tray. I've misplaced the screws and washers to reattach it, but have the tray if you'd like it." Yours for $15.

Need a daily affirmation? Try this mirror for $40.

This plastic chair is clearly an indoor chair. But the Craigslist ad says it's for outdoors. Who are we (or you) to quibble for $10?