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Psst... A Non-Crazy Expensive Condo Coming to Boston

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"Affordable" is a relative term in Boston's madcap condo market nowadays. So it is with a little eyebrow-raising that we confront the Lancaster, a 55-unit development going up at 1501 Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton.

The Lancaster was born a couple of years back as Charing Cross, a replacement for a run-down, vacant nursing home that the city acquired in foreclosure in 2005. The name has now changed as has the developer. Not much is known about the dimensions or amenities of the Lancaster's 55 units, but we have found out a couple of tantalizing specifics.

Pricing will start in the mid-$400s (we said affordability was a relative term). There will also be garage parking and units will have outdoor space. Charlesgate Realty Group is marketing the new development, which is expected to be completed by January 2015 and which is expected to also be rather transit-friendly (as is the custom in today's Boston); it's a short stroll to the Warren Street stop on the Green Line.
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