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Going, Going... at Cambridge's Atmark; Boston Businesses

CAMBRIDGE—Boston's Victor ain't the only new apartment complex enjoying brisk leasing. We have an update on the rentals at the Atmark in North Cambridge: 78 percent of the 260 units in the Atmark's first building have been leased; leasing has started at the second building and it's supposed to open in the next few weeks; and, of the 222 apartments available in total, 30 are studios, 110 are 1-BRs and 82 are 2-BRs. Oh, and the Atmark has a bocce court. [Curbed Boston]
BOSTON—The Boston Redevelopment Authority is out with a hefty, new report on business patterns in the city's neighborhoods: "The document examines private sector employment by neighborhood. It details each neighborhood's major industries, number of establishments, jobs, largest employers, and other defining neighborhood business characteristics." [BRA]