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Harbor Garage Tower; Cambridge Density; Old State House

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WATERFRONT—More on the shadows that the Boston Harbor Garage mega-redevelopment might cast: "Boston-based consultants Utile Inc. calculated sunlight patterns on Oct. 23, and determined the towers would throw shadows down the Greenway as far as the Dock Square garage on Clinton Street. The shadows would cover a large portion of Long Wharf in the afternoon." [B&T]
DOWNTOWN BOSTON—They're headed to Woburn for some TLC: "Within days—it could be as soon as this weekend—the lion and unicorn that sit valiantly atop the Old State House in Downtown Boston, the oldest surviving public building in the city's history, which dates back to before the American Revolution, will be coming down for some much-needed restorations." [Daily]

CAMBRIDGE—The move might mean bigger, denser developments to fit all those affordable units plus the market-rate ones to pay for them: "[Local officials talked] of setting a goal for big developers to make up to 35 percent of their new units affordable for low- or middle-income families, even as city councillors acknowledged again that the current goal of 15 percent falls short – typically landing at around 11.5 percent of units being built." [Day]